Mindful Mommy, LLC is owned and operated by Jennifer Bronsnick, MSW.  Through Mindful Mommy, Jennifer is available to provide counseling services and innovative products to help, teach and support Mommy's-to-Be and new Mommy's. 

Finding out you are pregnant and especially once your little one is born can cause a woman to feel  stressed and experience other overwhelming emotions, both good and bad.  The cultural, familial and self-imposed expectations on mothers can create a lot of stress.   Jennifer is acutely aware of these issuses and offers weekly counseling sessions, which include meditation exercises and other coping techniques.  During your initial assessment together you and Jennifer will create a treatment plan that addresses the concerns you have and the goals you hope for in your life. 

Jennifer's own mindfulness practice helped her to cope during pregnancy, labor and the first year of her daughter's life.  Through a variety of techniques, mainly meditation and yoga, Jennifer was able to become aware of her experience, accept both good and bad feelings, and stop judging herself or her thoughts and emotions.  

"Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. And today? Today is a gift. That's why we call it the present."      ~ Babatunde Olatunji



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